Do you have any questions? We have the answers! Here we answer you with pleasure the most frequently asked questions


What is FINUX?

FINUX answers in seconds all important questions about the financial situation of your company. By linking and interpreting business accounts and accounting in combination with publicly available information, you gain a holistic overview of your company.

How does FINUX work?

Connect FINUX to your business account and all data will be captured automatically in seconds. You see your top customers, top suppliers, business relations, turnover, liquidity and your forecast. As soon as you link your accounting software, you see your incoming and outgoing invoices and these are automatically linked to transactions. You also have the ability to manually customize them and add links.

What is the development status of FINUX?

FINUX is in the alpha phase. We want to provide companies with a useful and comprehensive tool with which they can gain a comprehensive overview of the company’s finances at a glance. In order to achieve this goal, we are entering the market very quickly with new features. The procedure of an alpha phase is not uncommon in the software environment. So we can realize the user feedback very fast. Alpha also means that FINUX is not 100% stable and bug-free.

What does FINUX cost?

FINUX is free for the test phase. Afterwards FINUX will be available in different versions with different monthly prices.

What is the best way to use FINUX?

FINUX offers the greatest added value when you link all your bank accounts and accounting software. This allows you to link all the relevant data and get the answers to your questions about your company’s financial situation.

Who is the contact person for FINUX?

You have a question about FINUX? Then simply send an e-mail to team@finux.ai.


Why do I have to deposit a bank account?

Your bank account contains all information about your transactions, customers, suppliers and your financial situation. So you don’t have to calculate anything manually and just keep track with FINUX.

Can I also link several bank accounts?

Yes – just go to the Settings tab on the left and add as many bank accounts as you want.

Why can't I see any current data?

Occasionally, errors may occur when loading transactions. If you have any problems, please send us an e-mail to team@finux.ai.


How do I see incoming and outgoing invoices?

If you are a GetMyInvoices user, you can link your GetMyInvoices account in the Billing tab on the left. In the near future you will also be able to link your financial accounting software

Can I also use FINUX as an app?

FINUX will soon also be available as iOS App and we are working on an Android version for the future.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account in the settings. All data will be deleted completely.


Is my data safe?

The security of your data has the highest priority for us. Your data is encrypted and not accessible to anyone. All data traffic runs encrypted via ISO-27001 certified data centers in Germany!

Why are the access data of my online-banking required?

The access data of your bank are required to connect FINUX with your bank account.